Jan Yashomatinandana Dāsa Wolter


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You have too much and want to change?
The answer in minimalism is simple - less is more!

Fewer things mean more space for freedom, inspiration, creativity and personality development.

At the same time, you make the world a better and cleaner place, easily by living consciously.

The strategy is simple: honest habits, balanced mindset, and the will to purify.

Anyone who likes to clean knows what clarity comes with it naturally.

Smaller, more efficient, more practical, the most ingenious thing is: Everyone can do it, and it is really natural.

Minimalism appeals to people with simple principles and questions the problem of the lack of space, the stress caused by overownership, and the search for happiness today.
Minimalism is a matter of the heart, compassionately and consciously to ensure a better world and to take a minimum step towards improvement.

Feel free to pick up the garbage yourself, even though you have seemingly nothing to do with it.

Turn off all the lights, because empty rooms do not have to be illuminated for no reason,

And find joy in being small.

Invite friends and start a repair café or an organic shop. Build sustainable huts and travel differently. On foot.

Discover the small but fine way of life, together or alone, come with us on a journey, nothing is in vain.

A place full of simplicity, enjoyment and bliss is waiting for you.
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