Dale Mayer


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Book 19: The K9 Files
With his surgery postponed Harper was finally able to take on a War Dog case to help Kat and Badger out. He knew it was short term, fill his time type of thing and considering his stage of life, that was perfect. Finding out he needed to find two dogs was a surprise but he hadn’t expected to track one dog in order to keep another alive.
As Saffron works to keep Beauty alive, she knows how important it is to find the bonded partner Beast. They’d come to her for medical treatment and Beast had been taken to a huge training facility but Beauty hadn’t been healthy enough. Finding Harper on the trail was both a relief and a distraction, even injured and scarred, he’s got a dynamic she can’t ignore. Not to mention the work he’s doing is so close to her own.
As Harper gets closer to Beast’s location it becomes obvious that someone wants to make sure the dog doesn’t reach his destination. But why? And how far would this person go take the dog down?
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