C.J. Edwards

Possessed for Sex

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He was awake again and hankered after the female flesh that had driven him; before and after his death. But this time he was focused on just one: Felicity was happy with her lot. She was now almost divorced and had achieved a good settlement from her ridiculously rich husband. There was only one thing missing from her life at this time and it had been so long that she was scarcely aware of it: a satisfying sex life. The creature sensed that and was about to bring her repressed desire sharply into focus.


Felicity stirred in her sleep, she felt cold and exposed. She dreamed she was in the hands of a lover but not anyone she knew. He was a cold and powerful man and she felt helpless in his arms, as he mauled and caressed her.

Felicity woke. She was cold. She looked down and saw, to her surprise, that her body was exposed. Her bathrobe had somehow fallen open in her sleep and breasts were bared. She was cold but somehow she was also… hot! Her juices glistened on her inner thighs and her nipples were hard. She looked at her watch and saw it had just turned midnight. Shivering, she pulled her robe around her and hurried off to bed.
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