Peter Chr. Asbjørnsen,Jørgen Moe

Norwegian Folk Tales

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Norwegian Folk Tales is a collection of the best known and most beloved of these colorful tales first collected by Asbjørnsen & Moe in the 19th century.
These stories all derive from an oral tradition, and they give an exciting insight in the views on society and moral codes of the time. Unlike tales in other countries and cultures, the Norwegian tales are less romantic, but much more realistic and humorous.
The tales are also fascinating and joyful stories with eternal relevance, with the struggle between good and evil as common grounds.
There are similarities to other traditional tales in many cultures, and a pattern of repetitive numbers such as 3, 7 and 12, which appear in almost all known folk tales and religious scriptures.
Norwegian Folk Tales have inspired countless books and movies and it is not hard to see the link from Norse mythology through these tales to J.R.R.Tolkien and Game of thrones.
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