Lili Valente

Puck Me Baby

"You're going to be a daddy.”
Looking up into Alexi Petrov’s dark eyes as I break the news, I’m scared out of my mind. This man is the most terrifying defender in the NHL, and if it weren't for my sporty new baby bump, I probably wouldn't believe we hooked up that night. (Yes, I’ve sworn off margaritas for life.)
But the Alexi who goes to my doctor appointments, moves me into his guesthouse, and cooks me so many gourmet meals I look like I'm carrying twins? He isn’t scary at all.
He’s sweet, intense, and so sexy I want to smear him with honey and lick it off every inch of his powerful, protective, oh-so-swoon-worthy body.
But that’s not a part of our relationship anymore. We’re friends who intend to raise a child together. That’s all.... Right?
There’s no way I can be just friends with Amanda Esposito.
She’s everything I want in a woman - strong, sexy, compassionate, a little bit wild - with curves for miles and a smile she smiles just for me.
But no matter how much I want her, I don’t know if I’ve got what it takes to be that guy - the one with his heart on his sleeve. I learned the hard way that love can get real ugly, real fast.
But when my new family is threatened, I realize how much I want this woman and our baby in my life for the long haul and how hard I’m willing to fight for them.
They say I’m a dangerous man to cross on the ice, but they haven’t seen anything yet....
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