Scott Taylor

Ballgames To Boardrooms: Leadership, Business, and Life Lessons From Our Coaches We Never Knew We Needed

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Millennials and those leading Millennials as today's front-line employees, entry-level managers, middle managers, and even some executives, are caught in the proverbial hamster-in-a-wheel that is Corporate America. A lack of inspiration and motivation looms over people who spend their days, trudging through life as real life 'Eyeores'. Many are okay with the sea of mediocrity that is their daily routines, but others, in fact, the majority, have a desire for more; for better days and a more enjoyable, meaningful, fulfilling, and a more productive life - at work and at home. Yet, beautiful, smart, intelligent, creative, and really great people are simply stuck, dead in their tracks.
In Ballgames to Boardrooms: Lessons From Our Coaches We Never Knew We Needed, Taylor Scott resurfaces what many have forgotten from those simple, yet profound lessons we learned playing sports at a younger age. Our Little League, High School, and College coaches taught us lessons, values, winning principles, and dropped pearl after pearl of wisdom we never knew we needed back then. Taylor is bringing them back to the forefront, and inspiring anyone and everyone who wants a change in their day-to-day grind. The lessons we learned playing sports when we were younger can be applied today, in the midst of our busy, frustrating, often demoralizing, and stressful corporate climb.
Why can’t we get up and go to work every day to have fun, put our talents to good use, be a part of a winning team, and achieve meaning and fulfillment NOW, just like we did when we played Little League?! This book reminds readers how to do just that, and may very well be the encouragement you didn't know you needed to break through the demoralizing Corporate Corporateness of your daily grind.
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