Amayah Reid

Amayah’s Adventures

I sat down on the couch with a glass of red wine in my hand and let out a sigh of deep relief. The kids were finally asleep and I could actually relax. I put my feet up on the coffee table and turned on the TV. The life of a babysitter sure was glorious after the kids went to bed. My mind drifted to how much I was going to miss this life in a few months when I had to return back to college. I loved being able to wake up late in the morning and not having anything to do until the evening when parents would want to go out for a dinner date and needed someone to watch over their precious little angels while they were gone. As the night wore on, the amount of wine in my glass became less and less and it was difficult to keep my fatigued eyes open. Just as I considered going to the master bedroom and getting a blanket to sleep under, I saw headlights shine through the living room window and shortly thereafter, two car doors opened and slammed shut. I could hear a man and a woman conversing with each other behind the door. I had babysat for this family enough to recognize their voices. It was Wynter and Alexei. The door handle jingled before being pushed open. I heard Wynter say to her husband “Baby, I’m just going to go to bed, alright? I’m so exhausted but I had a wonderful time. Thank you for such a great night!” I heard the two of them share a loving kiss before Wynter made her way upstairs. I got up from the couch to greet Alexei and take my payment. He was taking off his shoes when he looked up and saw me.
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Amayah Reid
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