Paul Andrews

Intermittent Fasting

Desperate to get rid of that annoying belly fat? Anxious about the negative side effects of fasting? Keep reading...
It's not about the food that you eat, but how much you do eat.
Diets sold by health gurus and lifestyle blogs can be over complicated and come to take up all of your life. Intermittent fasting isn't like that.
Learning about intermittent fasting gives you the freedom to adapt your diet slowly, giving you the space and time you need to adjust.
Hugh Jackman, Beyoncé, Chris Hemsworth, and Jennifer Aniston all have one thing in common. They have all used intermittent fasting to get their bodies exactly how they want them! It doesn't matter if you want to be built like Wolverine or slim like Rachel, intermittent fasting is the way you can achieve your dreams.
In Intermittent Fasting, you'll discover:
A step by step guide to getting your first fast started.Six different diet plans suited to your weight loss needs.The myths of fasting, demystified.The trick to find a diet you love, and stick to it!The perfect balance between exercise and fasting.A summary of supplements, necessary or just another scam?The secret to fitness and weight loss that celebrities exploit.You may be thinking that this is just another diet, another fad, another routine that you can't stick to.
Yet, intermittent fasting isn't just a diet. It's an ancient lifestyle coming from the Greeks. It is a routine that you get to be in control of, and actually enjoy.
Whether you like it or not, science has proven that intermittent fasting is around to stay.
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