Jon Auerbach

Guild of Tokens: Enforcer

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When the Quests are real, the consequences can be deadly.
It's been six years since Beatrice Taylor discovered the Quest Board and her life changed forever.
The rules of the Board are simple:
Complete a Quest, get a token.
The harder the Quest, the more tokens you earn.
Get enough tokens, and you level up.
Except the Quest Board isn't in a video game. It's real.
Beatrice has worked her way up from the bottom and now she’s ready to hit the big time and tackle some epic Raids.
Except there’s just one problem: the Guild, a shadowy group that has its tentacles in every part of the Questing world in New York City, and it doesn’t appreciate Beatrice’s accolades and meteoric rise.
But Beatrice isn’t afraid.
In fact, she’s been preparing for this day ever since she first made contact with the Guild.
She just didn’t expect that it would send an enforcer today of all days: her first wedding anniversary.
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