Jason Martin

Indie Survival

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'Indie Survival' is informative, entertaining and a pleasure to read. This audioook(also available as a beautifully formatted eBook) is a new acclaimed handbook for independent music artists and musicians looking to record, write, and promote without a label.
In this up-to-the-moment book, musicians cover everything musicians need to know. Drawing on their in-the-trenches experiences, they tell musicians about:
Indie Music: Independent Success- Indie music or independent music has been described as the kind of music which is independent of the major recording labels and production studios.
The Journey of a Music Artist-The journey of a music artist is not that simple as it seems. It is marked with heart-pounding struggle and years of dedication, and disciplined survival.
Develop Music Industry Skills Through Music Forums- Internet forums and discussion boards have become a valuable medium for establishing an online presence, building a reputation, networking with peers, and getting feedback on relevant topics and ideas.
Understanding the Music Lessons Process-Your music lessons can be a negative experience if you take lessons from someone who is not a true music teacher.
Becoming a Global Performing Artist- Competition becomes fiercer every day. In a heartless business like entertainment, you have to always be on your toes.
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