John Hawkins

Career Challenge

Let me ask you a question…
Do you go from one job to the next?
Or maybe you can’t seem to keep a job…
Maybe you just don’t find it enjoyable…
You've heard that obtaining meaningful and impactful employment makes you happy and boosts your self-esteem...
But did you know that obtaining meaningful and impactful employment keeps people off drugs, off the streets, and out of trouble… I am here to tell you that it is absolutely true...
The research is clear on this. But where do you start?
You know there are people that love their jobs…
You know people who are very successful in their careers…
What makes them different from you? What should you be doing differently?
Is there something you’re missing? I am here to tell you there is…
And that’s why you are here, right?
Or maybe you are here for someone else, someone that you are trying to help… A loved one, a spouse or a client.
Whoever it might be, you’re tired from feeling frustrated, aren’t you? Is it really too much to ask for?
A career you care about, something you are good at, something that motivates and excites you?
Once you discover your strengths, you'll be able to use them to thrive in life!
Below are the information that you are about to learn:
* Career Basics
* What Are Your Interests
* Assessments Tests
* Classes To Explore Interests
* Use Networking
* Using Internships
* Using Shadowing
* Consider Location And Demand
* Consider Online Or Offline Options
* And so much more...
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