Michael Alvear

Top Like A Porn Star 2nd Edition

Learn How To Top With EYE-POPPING Medical Illustrations!
These critically-acclaimed medical illustrations are as explicit as watching porn with x-ray glasses. They’ll help you understand how to top in ways that words alone can’t.


• Discovering Your Inner Top: Expressing The Kind Of Masculinity You Feel Comfortable With
• What’s That Smell? Real-World Tactics For Overcoming The Yuck Factor
• Teaching Your Partner How To Relax His Butt
• Getting Him To Want You In The Worst Way
The Path To Glory Is In Him Aching For Your Dick

• How The Best Tops Approach Foreplay
Furniture-Breaking Sex Starts With Fluffing Up The Pillows

• Best Positions and Angles of Entry
Missionary? Doggie-Style? Straight in? Angled Up? It Matters.

• Enter The Dragon
Using The :60 Sphincter Release On Your Partner

• Thrusting Techniques
Getting The Most Pleasure Out Of Being Inside Him

• You’re Not In Charge
The Boss Is The Guy Underneath You

• How To Get Harder Than A Roll Of Quarters
Improve Your Erections And Reduce Performance Anxiety

• The Cure For Condom-induced Impotence
What To Do When Latex Makes Your Willy Go Nilly

• How Alcohol Affects Your Erection
A Little Will Raise It. A Lot Will Ruin It.

• Coming Soon: YOU
How To Deal With Premature Ejaculation

• Worried Your Penis Isn’t Big Enough?
Compare Yourself Against The Latest Studies In Penis Size
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