Daniel Smith

Banned Chakra Secrets Unleashed

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Our body has several energy centers known as chakras. These energy centers are connected to our aura. The aura is an atmosphere that surrounds a person, thing or place that is not visible to the human eyes usually. The chakras allow energy to move in and out of our aura. The chakras and aura affect the subtle body which include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Opening your chakras and keeping them active can help you live a full and happy life. In his book entitled Banned Chakra Secrets Unleashed author Daniel Smith shows you in detail how to balance your chakras, how to unblock your chakras, and how to heal your chakras and feel more energized. Some of the topics covered include:

• History of Chakras
• The Seven Main Chakras
• Transpersonal Chakras
• Chakra Meditations
• Affirmations
• Chakracises
• Crystals
• Foods and Recipes
• Your Living Space
• Bathing and Essential Oils
• Using Sounds
• Reiki
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