Frank L.Packard

The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale

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The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale is a novel by Frank L. Packard. Jimmie Dale is a wealthy playboy by day, but at night he puts on unremarkable clothes and becomes The Gray Seal, who enters businesses or homes and cracks safes, always leaving a diamond shaped, gray paper "seal" behind to mark his conquest, but never taking anything. He was just doing it for "the sheer deviltry of it" at first, but when a woman known only as Tocsin catches him, she blackmails him to war on certain crime organizations… He also appeared in a movie serial, Jimmie Dale Alias the Gray Seal. Artist Bio Author: Frank L. Packard (1877-1942) was a Canadian novelist. His experiences working on the railroad led to his writing many railroad stories, then to a series of mystery novels.


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