Matthew Grant

Joyce of Westerfloyce

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A Perfect Little Girl with a Perfect Little Secret...
What would you do if everyone thought you were perfect, but you had a terrible secret? That’s just the beginning of the adventure in Joyce of Westerfloyce, The Story of the Tiny Little Girl with the Tiny Little Voice.
Children and adults alike will be instantly engaged by the delightful text which tells the humorous tale of Joyce, a flawless little girl whose seemingly perfect existence is about to be shattered by the terrible secret she keeps - she has the biggest, loudest, and most explosive burp in the whole world!
How the truth comes out and the resulting consequences propel the story forward and secure a spot for Joyce as a heroine that children will love and remember for years to come as Joyce is forced to confront the same dilemma that faces all children at one time or another. Will people still like her once they know the real Joyce?
The story appeals to both male and female readers. Girls love the fact that the story features a female heroine right from the beginning. As soon as boys find out that the heroine has an amazing burping ability, they are equally enthralled.
Makes an excellent bedtime story that kids will want to hear over and over.
This Sound Effects Special Edition includes over 80 exciting sound effects for an enhanced audiobook listening experience.
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