Sir Edwin Arnold

The Ancient Lost Texts The Bhagavad Gita - The Yoga System Explained

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The content of the text is a conversation between Sri Krishna and Arjuna taking place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra just prior to the start of a climactic war. Responding to Arjuna's confusion and moral dilemma, Krishna explains to Arjuna his duties as a warrior and Prince and elaborates on a number of different Yogic and Vedantic philosophies, with examples and analogies. This has led to the Gita often being described as a concise guide to Hindu philosophy and also as a practical, self-contained guide to life. During the discourse, Krishna reveals his identity as the Supreme Being Himself (Bhagavan), blessing Arjuna with an awe-inspiring glimpse of His divine absolute form.

Perfect for all yoga practitioners, curious commuters, Interested students, and all library and school collections. A once-in-a-lifetime audio experience. Here is a once in a lifetime, must have audio event. Perfect for universities and all educational media.

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Dedicated to Vrndarani Devi 1953-2017

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