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Manicure: A Complete Guide to Beautiful Hands and Feet With Beauty, Fashion & Style Nail Art Tips

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Do you yearn for hands and feet that would be the envy of all?
Do you love the way that having great hands and feet makes you feel?
Would you like to learn how to achieve it?
Our hands and feet have to cope with a lot. Every day they are used for a variety of tasks and functions and our hands are often on show most of the time into the bargain. All of this means that having them look their best is essential for making the right impression.
- In this book, Manicure: A Complete Guide to Beautiful Hands and Feet with Beauty, Fashion and Style Nail Art Tips, you can learn tips and techniques that will make your hands and feet stand out, with advice on:
All About Manicures
Manicure Tips
Men's Manicures
One Minute Manicure
- All About French Manicures
- Popular French Manicure Designs
- American Manicure
- Manicure Supplies
- Manicure Tables
Suitable for both men and women, Manicure is a book that could make all the difference to you in both your private and working life. Imagine those perfectly manicured nails when you first shake hands with a client or being able to wear sandals without the embarrassment of ugly feet?
You can do that and more with the advice you’ll find in this amazing book!
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