Dave Warner


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What would happen if an ordinary church-going mother found suddenly that she had miraculous healing powers? How would she and her family adapt to the change? What would society's attitude be to her? And what if the powers she possessed came at a cost, to her own family? These are the questions raised in my audio short-story Charity. This is not a big R religious story but it is a spiritual one. While I wrote it long before Covid became a reality it seems that the questions raised go to the heart of what is happening today. Where do the responsibilities of healers and carers to the general public end when their own well-being is at risk? Normally I write crime fiction that has somewhere at its core moral and ethical dilemmas. This is a departure from that. With Christmas approaching it seemed an apt time to release Charity and celebrate the courage of those among us who risk everything for the betterment of others.
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