Hans Weber


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Ever found yourself being fascinated by the idea of being able to hack into any system? While modern culture has pushed hacking to a screen-based villainous role that can do miracles, there is much more to hacking that remains untold. Hardly anyone feels it necessary to mention how hacking can be an illustrious career option. Similarly, the ease with which cyberattacks can be diverted often remains untold. Luckily for you, we're here to tell you all about it in a quick and simple guide that should let you enter the mind of a hacker. Never let yourself be at risk again! In this book, we will explore:
-The different types of hackers and their purposes
-How hacking works
-The various steps in a hacking attack
-Why networking and scripting so important in hacking
-The different tools that are used in hacking
-The different techniques hackers use to get to your data
-How to keep yourself safe from cyber-attacks
-The ins and outs of cybersecurity and how it aims to keep you safe
-How your data is protected from hackers
-How to ensure that your cybersecurity is adequate
And much much more! So pull up your socks (or gloves if you prefer leaving no fingerprints behind) and get ready to explore the wondrous world of these cyber-geniuses through easy-to-read text and compelling descriptions that will immerse you within the world of scripts and codes. Learning about hacking has never been easier!
Hans Weber
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