Andrew Maynard

Future Rising

A Compelling Vision of the Future. If you enjoy nonfiction like Homo Deus, Sapiens, and A Short History of Nearly Everything, then you'll love FUTURE RISING.

Over the course of 14 billion years, humanity has gained the ability not only to imagine the future, but to design and engineer it. Entertaining and profound, Future Rising by Dr. Andrew Maynard, provides a highly original perspective on our relationship with the future. Written to be easy to pick up and hard to put down, Future Rising starts at the Big Bang and traces a pathway along the emergence of intelligent life, through what makes humans uniquely capable of creating different futures, to the profound responsibilities that this comes with. In a series of sixty short reflections, FUTURE RISING will take you on an often-startling journey into: What "the future" actually is, How it moulds our lives and How we can use history to change our future.
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