Lili Valente

Falling for the Ex

“You’ve been served, ma’am.” As if being called ‘ma’am’ isn’t bad enough. Turns out, my cheating ex is suing me for custody of our daughter.
This means war.
I may have stayed mostly rational while the jerk dipped his wick all over the county, but now I’m going full mama bear on his hide. Don’t mistake the filtered mom-of-a-toddler speak for meekness because son of a biscuit, I’m aiming to straight-up knee the man in his twig and berries.
Fancy lawyer, private detective, you name it, I’m doing it.
But then my other ex, Nash, my first crush (first everything, really) who I have a decade-long love-hate relationship with, gives me the idea for the craziest solution of all…
* * *
Did I really just agree to what I think I did? With the one human who can drive me crazier than anyone ever has, and likely ever will? The mother of undoubtedly the cutest toddler ever? The woman whose prick of an ex-husband makes me want to aim my service weapon at his head?
Yes. Yes, I did.
And that’s how we end up tying the knot at the courthouse.
I know this all started as an albeit convoluted way to help Aria keep custody of her kid. But when the lines start blurring and playing pretend house becomes something I don’t ever want to give up, I know playtime is over.
Now it’s time I convince my prickly bride to start falling in love with me (again).
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