Connor Whiteley

Garro: Galaxy's End

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Perfect for lovers of star wars, Warhammer 40,000 and magic!
Humanity’s extinction is inevitable.
The galaxy is burning with the flames of war as humanity is relentlessly besieged by the Order; a group of four very lethal alien races each with their own sinister motive; as they seek to enslave humanity.
While on a routine mission to investigate a distress call from a research moon, Grand Master Garro of the Magi Order; humanity’s order of magical individual; and his superhuman team stumble across a plot that will lead them across the stars in a race against time as Garro attempts to stop this horrific threat before it spells out the Galaxy’s End.
Meanwhile, shadowy forces converge on Jupiter as the Cabal; an interstellar agency; put their last few plans into motion. To bring rise to their age of tyranny. Yet can one of Garro’s secret agents called: Hugo stop the Cabal’s powerful forces before Humanity’s Fall?
And can Hugo find their mystic leader and cut off the head of the Cabal once and for all?


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Garro: Galaxy's End
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