C.R. Wesley

Securing Grant Money

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"This is an excellent book! Very informative and direct, the author gives so much valuable information on the process from front to back, easy to read and understand. Outstanding!"-From: Amazon Customer Rating: 5/5
"This is a great resource for a first time home buyer. In addition to explaining the process for preparing to secure first time buyer's grants, the book does a great job succinctly detailing the steps in the buying process. This is a quick and easy read, with a great table of the steps for reference." -From: Lawrence Johnson Rating: 5/5
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What will you get from this series from C.R. Wesley?
The power of knowledge is in the action! In C.R. Wesley's Real Estate Knowledge Series, you will start with an entry level welcome into the real estate market followed by steppingstones to new endeavors.
In this Real Estate Knowledge Series Book 1, Securing Grant Money: Step-by-Step Guide For First Time Home Buyers©, you will be led through the steps in buying your first home and receiving down payment assistance or grant money.
- This guide illustrates every step along the way and doesn't take "the long route" giving you the knowledge you're looking for - NO FLUFF!
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