Pietro Emanuele Garbelli

The Doctor's Voice

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Doctors leaving the medical profession is a global problem that can no longer be ignored. In this ground-breaking book, you'll be taken on a journey to unveil many common sources of physicians' frustrations and discover how to: - Address the causes and effects of burnout and stress. - Empower doctors to use their voices as vital feedback. - Boost engagement, productivity, and retention. - Mindfully collaborate with healthcare stakeholders. - Influence fit-for-purpose technology solutions. - Enhance workplace experience and wellbeing. - Purposefully transform the future of healthcare. The Doctor's Voice is a unique and inspiring vade mecum for medical students, junior doctors, and consultants to help them develop their communication, leadership, and self-governance skills. It is a blueprint for building engagement and trust across the spectrum of stakeholders for the purpose of creating thriving healthcare. This book is a window into the endless opportunities arising from unleashing the priceless value of what doctors have to give.
Dr Garbelli
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