Daniel Scott

Travels with Athóma

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Travels with Athóma is a fictional memoir in verse where a man describes his childhood encounters with Athóma, a sibyl. This wise woman befriends him and in additon to instructing him about herbs and nature, teaching him travel songs that are used to shift his spirit into trees - fir, cedar, willow; birds - eagle, crow, swallow; insects - dragonfly, ladybird; otters, horses and stone. The story brings to life encounters with the natural world, not looking at it from outside but experiencing it from inside. The boy discovers the immensity and aliveness of the world and thropugh his friendship with Athóma his life is shaped by hs travels beyond the ordinary. The book has attracted readers across a wide range of ages, from young adoescents to seniors for whom some of the journeys awwaken their own memories
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