Ben Ormstad

Daemonorg Colossus: A Dark LitRPG / LitFPS SciFi-Shooter

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[ OVERTAKEN ONLINE. The world's first FPS VR-MMORPG with 100% immersion. Reminiscent of classics like Doom and Dead Space, but with RPG-elements that enable players to level up and develop skills – and sprinkled with a pinch of magic. ]

With the unexpected release of the Daemonorg Colossus, Dex and his team face the biggest challenge yet as they tackle the seemingly impossible task of figuring out how to defeat a demon so huge it dwarfs even skyscrapers.

With the army’s main operating base transformed into burning, smoking ruins, only one thing is clear: The Colossus must be stopped. Now. Before it destroys every Godmadrigan community on the planet.

In the process, Dex grows as a soldier and Cyber-Mage, acquiring weapons and skills making him powerful beyond his wildest dreams.

Beware! This GameLit / LitRPG / LitFPS story contains:

- Blood and guts

- Foul language!

- Notifications / pop-ups / inventory management

- No harem
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