Emma Mildon


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★★★★★ "Eat, Pray, Love, meets 13 Reasons Why. I’m officially hooked on this book."

Sophie is desperate to stitch her life back together.

Quirky. De-railed. Unhinged. Untamed. Awkward. And ultimately hanging on by a thread, after a life changing car crash changes the direction of her life as she knew it. Navigating loosing love, death, and finding her place in the world she sets out on a journey to fall back in love, with life.

Between sewing sarcastic cross-stitches, threads of sexual tension, and a rift of spiritual revelations Sophie finds herself new friendships, traveling new lands, and living in limbo between worlds. Foreign worlds. Haunted by her past. And stuck in her present. Ugh, life? What a dick sometimes, am I right?

Enter Chris, the seductive Australian backpacker who just might help her come back to the reality of now. After a string of fateful meetings Sophie if forced to confront the fabric of her life. Stay tangled by the past? Or cut herself free for a future.

Guilt. Lust. Grief. Longing. Welcome to Sophie’s awkward world, and how it unravelled.

Aka one big fat knotted mess.
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