William Roberts

Burning Roads

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Atlanta cabbie by day, amateur autoduellist by night, Ricky Turner is living the dream.
That is, until he wakes up in a Gold Cross facility to discover his last match was more than a failure, it was a fatality.
Indebted for the cost of the clone body and reboot, Ricky heads back to the arena to do the one thing he’s good at: drive offensively! But at the rate amateur matches pay out, it’ll take several lifetimes to clear his debt.
Luckily the AADA has announced a new nationwide road rally, designed to challenge even the heartiest of autoduelling teams and with prizes fit for a king. Its name?
Dead Man’s Run!
Can Ricky and his clandestine crew traverse the wasteland from Atlanta to Sturgis and survive against packs of cannibals, roving biker gangs, and wannabe autoduellists out to make a name for themselves?
Welcome to the world of the Car Warriors: Autoduel Chronicles — Tales from the freeways of the future, where the right of way goes to the biggest guns and death sports rule the airwaves. From clandestine highway battles to prime-time arena combat, jump behind the wheel, follow the fast-paced action, and never forget to Drive Offensively!
Car Warriors Autoduel fiction is licensed by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated and set in the Car Wars universe.
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