Alessandra Bancroft

Always You Best Friends Romance

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Layla and Max grew up together, telling secrets, playing games, and sharing everything. As adults, however, they have drifted apart, and when Max shows up at Layla's house in the middle of the night, it has been more than a year since she has seen him. His eyes seem to say that he is the same best friend who she camped out with in the backyard with and experimented with for her first kiss. His body, however, seems to suggest differently. Layla is conflicted as to whether she should go on the offered road trip he has suggested.

Max always saw Layla as the girl next door. She was his first crush and his first kiss, but it ended there. No matter what, though, she has always been the first person he thinks of when he is upset, and when his girlfriend breaks his heart, he heads straight for Layla. In just one year she has changed into a stunning woman who stirs desires in him that Max struggles to hide. Hoping a road trip, like when they were young, will reconnect their friendship and get him over his girlfriend, he convinces Layla to go along with him. Once they get out on the road, however, his attention turns away from childhood games and into much more adult pursuits.

Can sex between best friends turn their connection into lasting passion, or will they lose their friendship and each other forever?

Note: This is an erotic romance book. It contains graphic language, strong emotion, and passionate love scenes.
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