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Sci-Fi, Magic and Fantasy

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The only reason this bundle exists is because each of the stories were released on their own and failed. If ever that happens again, I will do what I’m doing here and release them at a bargain price. I have a lot of single stories and many of them do fine but occasionally I write something that simply doesn’t generate enough interest and I’m okay with that. I can’t please everyone all the time, it simply isn’t possible. The stories in this bundle are as follows:

Story 1 – The Sibling Connection 1 to 3 Pt.1

Story 2 – The Sibling Connection 1 to 3 Pt. 2

Story 3 – The Sibling Connection 1 to 3 Pt. 3

Story 4 – A Futa Embarrassment

Story 5 – The Future of Sex Pt. 1

Story 6 – The Future of Sex Pt. 2

Story 7 – The Gifted Pt. 1

Story 8 – The Gifted Pt. 2
Carl East
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