Aidan Botha

Day Trading 101

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Get Ready To Enhance Your Earnings Potential Through Day Trading
Do you know the difference between Warren Buffett and George Soros? Both are filthy rich. Both are financial gurus who are respected across financial markets worldwide. Both possess name recognition that stretches far beyond the world of stocks and securities, having attained nearly mythical status for their financial acumen. So what's the difference?
One's a stock investor.
The other's a stock trader.
Stock markets also possess a mythical status of being the land where financial fairytales come true and dollars turn into millions of dollars. While there is truth in both myths, the skill, knowledge, and fundamental and technical analysis that makes these fairytales realities often get left out of the story. Day Trading 101: How To Day Trade can help you fill in the gaps.
Filled with a wealth of trading knowledge and guidance to help enhance your earnings potential, including trading rules, principles, and strategies, Day Trading 101: How To Day Trade is your survival kit to successful day trading.
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