Samantha James

Christmas Mom Tryouts

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Tryouts to be a mom?
Jason McLane needs a wife--or to be more precise, a woman who'll love and care for his children. But most of the widower's dates (when he has time to date) sneak away when they find out he has six kids. So Jason decides to try online dating--with one caveat. The candidate will be trying out for the Mom job. At his home. With his children.
Natalie Calloway loves kids. But most of her dates sneak away when she tells them she wants a large family. The pitying looks from her sisters, all happily married and with children, are getting to be a bit much. So Natalie resorts to online dating.
Father of six looking for wife.
When Natalie reads Jason McClane's profile bid, she stops short. Sure, she's almost twenty-nine with no real boyfriend prospects, but a ready-made family? Then again, time's running out if she really wants to have a big family.
When two candidates show up at once the fun begins. Between the children's antics, the Moms-to-be and their foibles, the stable hand's unwanted advice, and the happy-go-lucky, trouble-causing puppy, what could go wrong?
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