Ivan Malekin

Improv for Indie Filmmakers

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"If you want to make a indie film fast and on a budget then you need to read this book." ~ Alex Ferrari (Indie Film Hustle)
Improvisation is a form of performance in which the players have no script. Free of conventional methods and constraints, improv gives filmmakers and actors complete freedom to explore characters and relationships in depth and capture genuine authenticity on camera.
It has played a large part in the filmmaking process for many legendary and Oscar winning filmmakers like Mike Leigh, Mark and Jay Duplass, Joe Swanberg, Christopher Guest, Lynn Shelton, Robert Altman and John Cassavetes.
Now, in Improv for Indie Filmmakers, author and improv filmmaker Ivan Malekin breaks down how independent filmmakers can use improvisation in their own work to creatively collaborate with actors, speed up production, make more films, and ultimately save time and money by working efficiently at all stages of the production process.
Using multiple real-world case studies, this book will illustrate the many benefits of improv and how putting away the script can lead to new discoveries, making your work fresh and exciting. It will inspire you to stop waiting for the right time or the right amount of money; the right time is now.
Improv for Indie Filmmakers will show you how to make your film today.
"Insightful and fascinating look at a type of filmmaking that often gets overlooked. Great mix of theory mixed with nuts and bolts tips and methods from someone with real first-hand experience." ~ Jason Horton (Filmmaker)
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