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Swapped with My Crush

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I've been wanting my hands on her body for years.
This just isn't how it played out in my dreams.
My best friend is an unobtainable woman in my life, so when we spend an evening on a friends-night-out to go to a carnival, I take the opportunity to visit the fortunetellers tent. All I'm given is ambiguous answers to questions about my crush as well as a magical spell that promises to help us see the world from one another's eyes.
And then I wake up the next morning.
In Tiffany's body.
Needless to say, I didn't hesitate to put my hands on her body — all over — and in.
A knock on my door, and I'm confronted with… myself. Tiffany has had some pent-up desires of her own, and together, we do things to one another we have been dreaming of for years. And we don't stop there. Eager for new experiences, we give Tiffany's body its first double occupancy, and dear lord, do I love it. But when her friend hits on me, what kind of guy would I be if I didn't take the opportunity for some woman on woman action?
Will my tryst with her friend ruin my chance to be with my best friend and crush, or is this just the beginning?
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