Lance Henderson

Usenet - The Ultimate Guide

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Usenet. The term conjures images of archaic bulletin boards from the 1980s in which jacking in meant astronomical charges every month. No longer. Ignore those who say "Don't talk about Usenet". No longer can you afford to leave your IP address out there for the world to see. You want privacy & anonymity? Come to Usenet. Learn to be a ghost in the machine called the Internet, and do it anonymously. This book will teach you how. I will teach you the best groups to join, which ones to avoid and how to be anonymous on all of them. Learn why anonymity will decrease with peer-to-peer systems but increase with Usenet. Everything you need to know to set up a Usenet account and leech to your heart's content with a few bonus gems: How to use Tor, How to use PGP, Remailers/Mixmaster, SSL, and How to encrypt (and how it preserves anonymity) Even how to use a VPN with Usenet and which VPN and Usenet companies will rat you out and which will not. If you haven't experienced the freedom and zero censorship of Usenet, try it today. You won't be coming back. 100% satisfaction.
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