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44 Guided Meditations For Personal Development

These meditations support the tasks detailed in the book Purna Asatti: A Roadmap To A Better Life Through Complete Connection. Refer to that book for more detail on each stage and task. These meditations can be used alone, or with the roadmap for additional support.
For the greatest effect, start with Stage One and work your way forward, using the meditations to enhance and accelerate your personal development. Once you have completed them all, return to each as needed, to help maintain the beautiful stages of your choosing.
Each meditation includes guidance on what to focus on, what postures work best, how to be present, as well as a journey specific to that task and how to take the results with you into your daily life.
Connecting To Your Time, Attention And SpacesConnecting To The Emotional Roots Of Your ChoicesTrusting YourselfTrusting Your RiverConnecting To ExperiencesConnecting To Your NeedsConnecting To Your Body - Sleep, Regeneration And MovementConnecting To Your Sexuality - Mind, Body And EnergyConnecting To Others - Seeing Their Humanity Through Their NeedsConnecting To Your Internal Energy And FeelingsConnecting To Your Money - Getting Out Of DebtRecognizing And Removing Negative PatternsDefine Your Ideology And Put It Into PracticeSeeing Others’ Humanity Through Their IdeologyTaking Responsibility For Your LifeForgiving And Accepting Yourself As HumanConnecting To Doubt - Questioning EverythingHealing Your ScarsIdentifying And Replacing Limiting BeliefsConnecting To Your Purpose - Methods For Finding ItConnecting To This Moment - Presence, Mindfulness And IntuitionConnecting Completely To Your PartnerConnecting To Higher Wisdom - Beyond Intuitionand more!
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44 Guided Meditations For Personal Development
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