Charlotte Mason,Rachel Lebowitz

A Philosophy of Education

Reading and understanding Charlotte Mason's Volumes just got a whole lot easier!
Don't have time to sit down and read? Now you can LISTEN!
The Annotated Edition of Volume 6 includes the full, unabridged text of Charlotte Mason’s original work: A Philosophy of Education as well as ANNOTATIONS to help you understand it!
All her words and wisdom have been retained while, at the same time, certain updates have been made for you, the modern reader.
Charlotte wrote her six volumes of the Home Education Series from 1885-1921. Her frequent references can leave today’s reader a bit frustrated, as she assumed that her readers would understand the context for each person, event, or book that she mentions. Without that context, the wisdom of her words can seem veiled and inaccessible for many readers.
My goal in adding annotations is to highlight Charlotte’s text and make it easier to read so that you gain a deeper understanding of Charlotte's philosophy and method. The annotations provide context to help you better understand Charlotte’s frequent references to the people, events, and culture of her time.
Once you understand the references and the context, it is the key to unlocking the gate. You are no longer bogged down with unfamiliar terminology and references. The words soar.
Gain a deeper understanding of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy with The Annotated Home Education Series from A Charlotte Mason Plenary.
For more information about the Charlotte Mason method of education, visit CMPLENARY.COM.
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