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Lauren Singer: The Zero-Waste Guide to a Simple Life

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Have you ever thought about how much trash you create in a day?
My juice comes in plastic bottles, my prepared meals come in plastic containers, my favorite to go meal from my favorite restaurant comes in a plastic bowl in a plastic bag.
It’s not just food either, it’s everything. When you order something online it comes in a box full of packing products.
It all adds up pretty quick, and once I started to notice how much trash I was creating, I started to wonder about a different solution.
I’m not the only one noticing this problem, and you may even feel the same way. The zero waste lifestyle is a growing trend, and on the forefront of that is my friend Lauren Singer.

Some of you may know Lauren from her popular blog Trash is for Tossers, or even from her giant social media following. Lauren was an environmental science major in college when she came to the discovery that she was creating just as much waste as everyone else.
She decided to make an impact on the world by changing her personal actions and believed that her love for the planet would inspire others to do the same. Today she has been featured on several major news outlets, has a massive social media impact, owns a package free shop in Brooklyn, and is considered a leader in the zero-waste movement.
On this episode, Lauren gave some amazing insights on how to live a waste free life. If you’re worried that cutting down on your waste is expensive or impossible based on where you live, get ready to see this lifestyle in a new light.
Learn all about the impact your actions have on our planet and how to improve them on Episode 605.

Some questions I ask:
What is zero waste and why did you get into it? (1:26)
Is it easier for anyone to buy things without plastic? (6:04)
Where can you go for non-packaged food? (10:09)
When you want a smoothie do you bring your own container? (13:20)
What if you were dating someone who had plastic everywhere? (16:42)
Have you inspired others to be completely zero waste? (19:03)
In an ideal world, what would happen with products in general? (23:50)
Where do you need to grow the most? (26:55)
Do you feel like you were more giving to everyone else as opposed to yourself? (29:07)
Who do you reach out to when you’re going through problems? (30:36)

In this episode you will learn:
What hydrofracking is (2:06)
Why recycling isn’t enough (7:24)
If Lauren gives in to temptation of items that come in packaging  (11:57)
Where and how Lauren buys her clothes (14:22)
How many people she’s influenced to be waste free (15:26)
How her life became simplified (17:56)
How to get rid of plastic in the most efficient way (19:45)
How she deals with all the haters (21:14)
What she’s working on the most right now (25:30)
When Lauren reached her breaking point (28:04)
Advice for female entrepreneurs in their 20s (29:30)
What Lauren is going to do to get to the next level this year (31:30)
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