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101 Amazing Brainteasers

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How sharp is your thinking? This fantastic audiobook contains over one hundred puzzles and brainteasers designed to really test that grey matter. From cunningly-worded traps to seriously tricky lateral thinking problems, narrator Kent Harris will likely have you scratching your head… until he reveals the answer, at which point - of course - you’ll claim you knew it all along!
This audiobook contains the brainteasers presented in two different formats:
Initially the questions are given a section at a time: one track sees Kent asking you ten questions, then in the following track he will provide the answers.
However, if you want to hear the answers straight after each question - ideal for listening in the car or on headphones - then skip all the way to track 23, where Kent provides the answer for each question after pausing to allow you time to think.
Time to prove just how smart you are… good luck!
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