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Jordan Peterson on Responsibility and Meaning

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It’s common for people to question why they are here. This question can lead to depression and a sense that the world is a terrible place. I’ve sure you’ve experienced that feeling, and you may even be going through it right now.

During these times you’ll commonly replay events in your life where you felt out of control or like everything was going wrong.

That reaction comes from a lack of purpose and responsibility for yourself. You’re lacking the goals you need to feel complete.

Instead, start making a road map for your life: the things you want to achieve, the family you want to have, etc.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect map. In fact, it won’t be. No one has the ultimate road map. But any direction is better than no direction. Without a start, you’re just going to stand there watching the world pass you by.

To dive further into this I’ve brought in a special guest: Dr. Jordan Peterson.
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