Vanessa Robinson

Intuitive Eating Workbook: Anti-Diet System For Building a Mindful Relationship with Food

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Are you tired of this diet culture we are in currently?
Are you not getting the results you want?
Intuitive eating might be the answer you are looking for. Intuitive eating has its roots in mindfulness to teach us to eat in a more intuitive, intelligent, and satisfying way. On the one hand, there are the diets and emotional hunger that seek to fill out the gaps of fear and anxiety. And then there is intuitive eating - the path towards a fuller life.
We all know that food trends never cease to appear.
- Unusual diets, detoxification full of great virtues, and revolutionary trends from wise gurus seeking glory.
At this point, we have read, saw, and tested "almost" every diet; however, intuitive eating has no place for calories or types of food. We are talking about "listening to your own body."
Eating is a necessity, but intuitive nutrition is an art: knowing what we eat, how we eat it, and when we do it are the basic principles of intuitive eating. It is a healthy diet that teaches us another way to relate to food, and ultimately, to ourselves.
I wrote this book for all those who want to change the way they think about food. Learn to approach food differently, become aware of how your emotions are linked with eating, and learn more about your body. In the end, you will realize the one thing that matters the most; how we eat is more important than what we eat.
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