Simon Smith

QAnon and 1000 Years of Peace: Destroying the New World Order and Taking the Kingdom of Christ by Force!

You Are About To Step Into The World Of Conspiracy Theories And Learn How They Are Shut Down To Cover The Truth And Better Yet, Discover The Facts Of The Latest One – The QAnon Conspiracy Theory!QAnon is a far-right conspiracy that is rapidly gaining a lot of traction, especially with its connection to the US President, Donald Trump. With out-of-this-world claims that there is a cabal of devil-worshipping pedophiles who run a worldwide sex-trafficking ring and who are plotting against President Donald Trump and much more, QAnon is, without any doubt, bold and unusual.
By the virtue that you are reading this, it is quite clear that you want to know what QAnon is all about, including what the great awakening is all about and make some sense out of everything about QAnon.
If you have these and other related questions about QAnon, this book is for you, so keep reading, as it will give you the full insight about the QAnon conspiracy in a well-researched and compiled manner for easy understanding.
Below is a preview of what you are going to learn in this book:What is QAnon, how it began, and how they are spreadingWhat the QAnon conspiracy entails and how the creators acquired the information to back the theorySome of the conspiracy theories in history that actually turned out to be trueWhat the great awakening entailsThe connection between religion and the new awakeningBeing human and how it all interconnectedAnd much more…You know that a storm is coming, and it won’t be too long before the world wakes up to this. It’s better to be armed with the facts and know where to lean when it all comes crumbling down. Prepare yourself now, even if you’ve never really been the type to be concerned with conspiracy theories!
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Simon Smith
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