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Lean Project Management Volume 1: Managing Business the Lean Way

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Research states that almost half of all improvement initiatives fail due to lack of effective leadership. If this is the case, then as business owners the time has never been more prudent to consider how we are managing our businesses and what kind of leadership strategies we have in place. Given that so many industries are littered with failed start-ups and businesses these days, it is clear that more work and investment is needed to develop future leaders. But even with the right leadership in place, which business model does one choose to follow? There are numerous schools of thought and endless business theories on this topic, but one I believe can revolutionize the way in which all of our businesses operate is that of “lean management”. It’s not a new idea, in fact the Japanese have been utilising its power for over sixty years, but it is a concept and a philosophy that we should all take time to understand. But what is exactly is ‘Lean Management’? And what is a ‘Lean Leader’? What makes a ‘Lean Leader’ different from a ‘normal’ leader? These are just some of the questions we’ll be answering within this book. We also want you to: - Understand the variables and factors that have an impact on the overall implication and sustainability of your movement towards a lean path - Identify the main differences between management and leadership styles and behaviours and why going lean could change your business for the better - Recognise that lean principles can be applied to any size business within any industry - Learn how to move towards going completely lean
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