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Puppy Training Guide for Kids: How to Train Your Dog or Puppy for Children, Following a Beginners Step-By-Step guide: Includes Potty Training, 101 Dog Tricks, Socializing Skills, and More.

Break Your Puppy’s Bad Habits & Raise a Healthy, Happy, Respectful, & Obedient Puppy Using this Kid’s Guide to Puppy Training!
There are only a few things as special as the bond between a child and their puppy. Family pets have long been known to provide us with unconditional emotional support. So when your child asks for a puppy for their birthday, you should get excited!
Apart from emotional bonding, having a puppy is also a great way for you to teach your child about patience, empathy, compassion, and responsibilities since they require constant supervision and go through mood and developmental changes.
However, as cute as a puppy may seem, it is crucial for you and your child to understand their needs in order for you to better care for them. More often than not, puppies are given up for adoption because families just aren’t equipped with the right tools and know-how when caring for a wiggly, confused little puppy.
And if this worries you, then Lucy William’s audiobook, “Puppy Training Guide for Kids”, can help!
In this guide, you and your child will learn the many expert-approved ways to train your puppy using a beginner-friendly, step-by-step approach to dealing with potty training, socializing skills, and many more.
Over the course of this comprehensive guide, your child will:
• Quickly learn about your puppy’s developmental milestones so you can set a customized training schedule
• Effortlessly apply all the right training tips by learning appropriate walk and leash behaviors
• Effectively encourage fun play and set boundaries using expert-approved house training techniques
• Become a great pack leader by learning all about the science of how dogs learn and interact with the world
• And so much more!
Each chapter is filled with well-researched information straight from the experts so that you and your child will be able to give your puppy the guidance they need!
Help your child train your puppy the right way today!
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