Martin K. Ettington

The Importance of Creativity and How to Improve Yours

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I love creativity. Creativity has become a big part of my life. I can’t imagine life without fundamental creativity.

Being creative is a way to express yourself to the world. Many consider that only the arts offer an avenue of creativity but they would be wrong.

I used to be a software developer and a software development manager and can tell you that some of these most creative persons I ever met were software engineers who write software for a living. The depth of creativity that these people exhibited in their work showed definite splurges of ingenuity in solving problems and in displaying information in great new ways.

Many famous designs in engineering are also very creative. The Golden Gate Bridge outside of San Francisco is a great example. Anyone who has seen this bridge can tell you how beautiful it is.

What about the Iphone? A lovely device which is good looking and has been engineered to provide incredible capabilities to the user. Isn’t this also an example of great creativity?

And many people think you are born being creative or not. That you can’t change your level of creativity. This is not true. You can definitely improve your creativity and use it in your professional or personal life.

There are many pieces of advice later in this book to help you work on your creativity. Having an “Outside of the Box Attitude” will help enhance your creativity and improve your life.

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