ConnorG.D. Whiteley

Business Collection

Get 3 audiobook in this amazing bundle!
Perfect for students and workers.
Are you a student or worker who has bad time management?
Do you want to become a leader?
Do you want to know what’s involved in leadership?
Do you want to improve your leadership?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you.
What included in this boxset:
Time Management: A Guide for Students and Workers- an audiobook that will show you 8 time management tools to help you improve your time management.
Leadership: What Makes a Good Leader- an audiobook that explores over 10 qualities that all leaders to be effective to help you improve your leadership.
Business Skills: How to Survive the Business World?- this audiobook teaches and explain over 15 different business skills that should help with your employability and increase your knowledge about the business world.
Note: This audiobook is perfect for listening whilst commuting, jogging, exercise, doing the housework and more.
Or you might just want a relaxing listen before you go to bed.
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