Cynthia Mendoza

Billionaire Romance: Shifter Underworld Part Three - Climax for The Client (Wolf Shifter, Shapeshifter Romance, Paranormal Romance)

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Are you ready to take on the shifter underworld?

The Exciting Conclusion of a Four Part Wolf Shifter Kingpin Series...

Read the Prologue, Part 1, and Part 2 first!

After spending more than one night with the enigmatic Dimitri, Kara knows her feelings are moving beyond what is appropriate with a client. She needs to rein them in, or decide to cut him loose, but the way she is going can only lead to disaster.

Then Dimitri contacts her, asking her to meet him on a day off. She knows, professionally, she can only do this if it is not as a client. But what will happen if she meets Dimitri like any other man? She knows that things will never be the same if she does it, but she can't say no…she wants him too much.

Dimitri has secrets, and if he wants more with Kara, he will have to tell her things he's never told anyone else. But can she handle hearing about his past? And if he tells her, what happens then?

There's nothing more alpha than a wolf shifter in a position of power. Are you ready to try something a little more "alpha" than you're used to? Don't worry, I won't tell a soul. ;-) Grab your copy today!
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