David Doersch

The Gathering Storm

Protect the Tor!
The highlands of Daffyd are known as the Green Mount. It is a land of peaceful, hard-working people, gentle and loving, but stalwart and fierce when forced to defend their homes. At its center is the Tor, a mystical mount of power and goodness. The legendary warlord and peerless swordsman, Corvus Corax—the Raven—guards these lands with his faithful sons, Cailean and Ligulf. Together, they gather their forces to face the savage hordes of the Barbárs and the foul blood sorcery of the immortal Angor shamans in an epic battle to protect the Tor.
An unlikely collection of heroes must come together to stop the powerful, dark forces that are in motion: Corvus’ longtime companion Yazid, the mystical priestess Mama Warad from a far off land, her three votaries, Yadira, Lupe, and Amina, and the unusual child of destiny that accompanies them.
The battle cry goes up as swords are drawn…
“Protect the Tor!”
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