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"Frank Jones is a jerky man or journeyman. After failing at being a cop and a not so Private Investigator,

he is now known as Double 0 12 or 12 Gauge. Now an US International Agent, his chaos continues to Paris

and Moscow.

From the beaches of Charleston to cafes and bars around Europe his mission is to recruit or kill Ivan Modragovich.

Ivan is the top FSB Officer in the Kremlin. The second part of his mission is to force the Russian President to resign.

Now brain chipped and in love with his boss Connie Woodward, he enters a game he plays along with the State


Yet Frank does not calculate Ivan’s mistress nor Connie’s true intentions. Also his superiors bet Frank will do more

harm than good. He is not adept at Technology nor missions. Will Frank override his implanted brain chip to do

what he always does, party? Or will Russia and other World Powers start World War 3?

There is no Mini Me nor Austin Powers in this story. However,0012 attempts to live up to the irrational or irresponsible

part of the Spy game. Though not set in the 1960's, familiar themes run rampant in this Spy Science Fiction Romantic Comedy.

This is a work of wicked wanted humor filled fiction. In a time when we all need to laugh, this book does this and more.

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