P.R. Black

The Hunted

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The perfect weekend away. A remote lodge, old friends... and murder.

Set in a remote Scottish lodge in the depths of winter, this explosive and disturbing thriller asks what happens when dark secrets finally come to light.

When a group of female friends gather at a beautiful but isolated Scottish island lodge for a weekend away, they're looking forward to relaxing, sharing updates on their lives, reminiscing...

The furthest thing from their minds is death. But even though they've known each other since high school, some of these women have secrets. Dark secrets that can ruin friendships, ruin marriages – ruin lives.

Things you thought you knew and loved can turn out to be your biggest nightmares. And when recriminations start to fly, it soon becomes clear: it's not a question of when, but if, these old friends will ever make it home again...

Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley, Lisa Jewell and Kerri Beevis.

Reviews for P.R. Black:

"A slow-burning thriller that builds to a devastating dénouement" - Mail on Sunday

"It's edge-of-the-seat stuff... A cracker" - Bookbag

"Copious amounts of suspense" - Novel Kicks
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